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Honda (Japan) was founded in 1948 by the outstanding inventor who was also an engineer and race car driver - Soitiro Honda. At first she became famous as a manufacturer of first-class motorcycles (millions of people dreamed to have a two-wheeled friend with the cherished letter “H”), then the brand became associated with high-quality and extraordinary cars. Today, cars and trucks, racing cars, scooters, motorcycles, airplanes, outboard motors, robots and lawn mowers are manufactured under the Honda brand.

Surprisingly, but Honda still does not belong to any auto-concern, which cannot be said about most other brands. At the same time, the company has enough resources to continue to be among the world's leading automakers. 120 manufacturing plants of the plant are located in 33 countries of the world, and Honda dealerships can be found in all major cities.

The Honda brand is a symbol of superior quality, exceptional technical capabilities and advanced technologies. People who responsible for the development of the brand are not afraid to be bold and inventive. They strongly endorse non-standard thinking and behavior. Of course, all of this is reflected in the production of Honda.

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