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LEMFÖRDER (Germany) is a European manufacturer of suspension bracket and steering parts for cars, motorcycles, heavy commercial and off-road vehicles.

LEMFÖRDER was officially registered in Germany in 1947. The company's founder, Jurgen Ulderup, said that the initial activity in the difficult post-war period was to sell common consumption goods - from aluminum pans to medical equipment. In parallel, Jurgen Ulderup established the first production of spare parts for automobiles, and this direction brought undoubted success to the enterprise.

Today, LEMFÖRDER, along with the BOGE, SACHS, TRW, WABCO and OPENMATICS brands, is part of the ZF Friedrichshafen AG auto-concern.

LEMFÖRDER supplies spare parts for conveyors for 50 leading automakers, including Mercedes, BMW, VW, Audi, Ford, Volvo. The company manufactures steering and suspension bracket parts; units of hydraulic and brake systems; drive shafts; anthers; drive belts and rubber products. LEMFÖRDER also produces brake fluids, engine oils, antifreeze.

The whole range of the company's products is also supplied to the aftermarket. Product quality is confirmed by certificates: EN ISO 9001: 1994, QS-9000: 1998, VDA.

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