NGK 3180 Spark Plug

NGK 3180 Spark Plug

by NGK

Manufacturer Part Number: 3180
Alternative NGK part number(s): BPZ8HS-15

  • Spanner Size: 20,8 mm
  • Outer thread [mm]: 14,0
  • Thread Length [mm]: 12,7
  • Spark Plug: Fixed SAE connector
  • Spark Position [mm]: 3,5
  • Spark Plug: Nickel Middle Electrode
  • Spark Plug: 1 - Earthed Electrode
  • Spark Plug: Interference Suppression
  • Spark Plug: with gasket seat

Product Details

NGK article (MPN)3180 Alternative NGK part number(s): BPZ8HS-15
Vehicle subsystemAll

Original (OEM) part numbers

Suitable for MERCURY vehicles

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Aftermarket cross reference / interchange guide

The aftermarket competitive interchanges for NGK 3180 Spark Plug offered by CHAMPION, DENSO manufacturers

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