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Nissan Motor Company is a result of a merge between Kwaishinsha Co. and Jitsuyo Jidosha Co. Ltd in 1934. In 1936, Nissan bought design plans and plant facilities from Graham-Paige Motors Corp. of the U.S. for the manufacture of passenger cars and trucks. However, their focus was soon moved to the production of military cars, army planes and motor boats.

The company was famished by the end of the war. In an attempt to revive its lost power, Nissan Motors joined hands with Austin Motor Co. in 1952 and went towards the US market. The first vehicle was Datsun which hit America in 1958. The vehicles were primarily based on Austin models. However, Nissan did have its own classic cars: the 1959 Bluebird and the 1960 Cedric.

Nissan was the first automaker in Japan to receive the annual Deming Prize for engineering excellence in 1960. Though the company was doing well, it reached its climax after the launch of ‘Sunny’, a concept vehicle that won Nissan its way to the small-car market. In the sixties, Nissan merged with Prince Motor Company, a merger that led Nissan to shift its focus on more luxury cars. The company created a rage in the US market with its luxury sedan Datsun 510 and 240Z sports car. In 1971, the company made its first Experimental Safety Vehicle that boasted of safety technologies to avoid the problem of air pollution. Since then, Nissan has adopted advanced technologies in its production of vehicles.

In 1981, the car manufacturer stopped selling vehicles under the brand name of Datsun and launched its new set of cars under the name of Nissan Moniker. They also launched the tuning division called Nismo at around the same time. The launch of cars like 300ZX, Maxima and Sentra saw Nissan’s stake expand in the US market. Classic offerings like Titan and Armada created a big rage in the auto industry. However, this trend took a dip after Nissan started producing anonymous vehicles. Its collaboration with Renault in the year 1999 helped it to gain steady feet in the auto world. Today, Nissan cars are coveted for their understated elegance and superior drive force.

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