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Land Rover, a long time British brand, is considered by many the best off-road vehicle manufacturer in the automotive market. The brand began when Maurice Wilks, chief designer for Rover Company, drove a World War II Jeep during the summer of 1947. Inspired, Wilks would use a Jeep Chassis and axles to build the first Land Rover prototype. This prototype would later be called the “Centre Steer”. A legend had been born.

More four-wheeled models would follow. The Defender, the Discovery, the Freelander, the Range Rover, the Range Rover Sport and the Range Rover Evoque are all models under the Land Rover brand. There were also many owners due to the vagaries of the automotive market and British Government interference. The brand has been owned and manufactured by under these corporations: 1948–1967 Rover Company, 1967–1968 Leyland Motor Corporation, 1968–1986 British Leyland Motor Corporation, 1986–1988 Rover Group, 1988–1994 British Aerospace, 1994–2000 BMW, and finally 2000–2008 Ford Motor Company. While Land Rover was owned by Ford, it would become linked to Jaguar. Jaguar and Land Rover were sold to Tata Automotive Group, an Indian based multination company, in 2008. Under Tata management, Land Rover has expanded its offerings and increased quality. In an attempt to increase sells and cut cost, Tata has plans to begin building Land Rover and Jaguar models in China.

The Range Rover Evoque, a compact SUV, meets requirements for lower CO2 emissions and fuel consumption. Praised in the press, the Evoque had the features and comfort to appeal to a more urban market but retained the off-road capabilities that have long been a Land Rover hallmark. The use of aluminum for the trunk and roof would lower the overall weight of the vehicle. The Evoque also continues a move to be perceived as more upscale and luxurious. The inclusion of interior options like mood lighting, heated seats, and push button starter are just a few. Presently, Land Rover is working to have all aluminum body construction on all Land Rover models. Land Rover is determined to continue to make some of the best off-road vehicles on the market today.

70th Edition Land Rover Defender Works V8

Range Rover Sport – Dragon Challenge

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